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Chippen: Be a calculative machine!

This blog is for golfers who tend to chip with a wedge regularly. I try to teach you a calculation method that allows you to simplify chipping.

Let's face it, when we see the ball next to the green we are all quick to take our wedge out of the bag and use it to chip the ball into the hole. I personally think we do this because we see this on TV. I am guilty of it myself; the first best ball I see around the green is ready to be hit with a high flight, a lot of wrist, a lot of spin and little roll. Definitely the most fun ball to hit, the question is whether it is the most effective.


An average handicapper 20, makes about 20% off his up & down from within 40 meters to the hole, and hits an average of 20% of the greens in regulation. So you will be chipping around the green 14 times. If we were able to increase the 20% up & down percentage to 40% then we already have 3-4 strokes of improvement. In other words: are you able to dive UNDER the handicap 20!

I write this blog because I think a lot of people could benefit from a calculation method that allows them to simplify chipping.

Imagine yourself: You participate in a prize show and you get a prize when you throw a ball in one of the two circles. The first circle is 2 meters away from you, the other circle is 10 meters away from you? Which circle are you going for .......

My opinion is that you should take this philosophy into the chipping green. What I mean by this is that you should choose a club where you are able to land the ball as close as possible and roll the ball as much as possible.


Each club in the bag has a certain "flight roll" ratio when chipping. The table below is an example of my own ratios. So if I have a 15m chip, I can land the ball in 3 different places.

A Sandwedge flies relatively much, rolls relatively little. An Iron 7 rolls relatively much, flies relatively little.

The image on the left shows a choice diagram that you could use in the course. Can you make the ball roll? Then do that! If it is not possible, you can then grab a wedge.

What I want you to take from this blog:

  • Create your own table: the proportions will not differ much from my own table, but it pays off to see what your ratios are. Trust me, you will like this!

  • Use the rhetoric of the selection diagram. Can you make the ball roll? Do it!

Have fun!

If you have an idea for a next blog, or if you have any questions related to this blog, please leave a comment!

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Deze blog is voor golfers die geneigd zijn om regelmatig met een wedge te chippen. Ik probeer je een rekenmethode bij te brengen die je in staat stelt om het chippen te versimpelen. Laten we eerlijk z