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Putting fundamentals for advanced golfers.

For: Golfers who want to improve putting.

By: Aron Joustra, handicap +1.0

I understand that you cannot train 100 hours a week, and that you are looking for the ways to quickly win strokes. I hope that after reading this blog you will have more knowledge about putting and the influence of speed during putts.

This blog will focus on improvement that takes little time / effort but will have a lot of impact on your game.

Of course you can't hit the same balls as a Tourpro, but why not put like a Tourpro? Or well, almost as good .. The movement is small, repeatable and there are ways you can just make quick improvements. This is going to sound like kicking an open door: but I am convinced that if you are able to judge the right speed you will win many tricks.


I believe that the most important factor in putting is SPEED. There are roughly two ways that affect your success on the greens. On the one hand it may or may not allow you to avoid 3 putts, on the other hand it may or may not allow you to hole more putts.

Preventing 3putts

Did you know that the # 100 of the PGA tour only makes 0.47 3putts per round? A handicap 20 player makes 4 on average! And I promise you: the greens you come across at your local club ... are a lot easier.

One of the reasons golfers make a lot of 3 putts is because the 1st put is not close enough to the hole. Ultimately, we have to be realistic, to hole a 2 meter putt is not much higher than 50% even at tour level. So I think it would be a good thing to look realistically at your own putting skills. Preventing 3 putts is not done by running more short putts, but by getting the first put closer to the hole. The goal for putting should therefore be to have a 2nd putt that is within a "certain distance".

Change your mental approach. Everyone wants to hole every putt, but what always helps me with putting is setting a clear boundary. For me it is at 5 meters. Every hole within 5 meters I go for the hole out. For every putt outside 5 meters my only task is to put the ball as close to the hole as possible before the so-called "tap in".

I am a plus handicapper, and I also sometimes miss a 1 meter putt. My 100% tap is within 50 centimeters. Make a circle of 50 centimeters around the hole and start at 5 meters from the hole. If you manage to hole out 5x in a row within a circle of 50cm, well done. If you really want to practice seriously, it is good to make every attempt from a different angle to the hole. You only get 1 chance on the course, and repeating a putt is always easier than doing it for the first time. The advantage of this exercise is that it is a perfect exercise for starting your round. Again: SPEED IS KEY.

Hole more putts

An important thought that you can take with you when putting is that the best speed for a ball to end up in the hole is the speed at which the ball (if missed) ends about 30cm behind the hole. This is easy to train. Start at a short distance from the hole and place a tee 30cm behind the hole. Are you able to end the ball at the tee?

Do you have questions about the blog, or a nice idea for a next blog? Let us know in the comments.

Have fun!

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